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Thank you for your interest in the 2018 UEFA Super Cup Volunteer Program. On 15 of August the eyes of the world will be on Tallinn to witness one of sport's biggest events.

During the 2018 UEFA Super Cup around 140 volunteers will assist UEFA in different areas of the operation at the stadium, the UEFA headquarters hotel, airport and other UEFA official sites.

As a 2018 UEFA Super Cup volunteer you will become an important co-organiser of this event. If your application is successful, we will do our best to ensure that it will be an exciting experience of your life.

The Volunteer Program will be co-organised with the Estonian Football Association.

The application period lasted 23 March - 30 April 2018.


Good luck with your application!

The 2018 UEFA Super Cup Volunteer Team



Access Management

The Accesss Management plans all access to the stadium and area within them for all working parties involved, such as referees, players, officials, media, volunteers, service providers, suppliers and sponsors.

The Access Management volunteers will play an integral role in the onsite implementation of a safe and secure environment by working with the onsite security team to validate entry processes. In turn, the volunteers will be responsible for troubleshooting in key areas of the venue and will provide general wayfinding information to all target groups to ensure a smooth and timely entering of the stadium.


This project plans access to the stadium and area within them for all working parties involved, such as referees, players, officials, media, volunteers, service providers, suppliers and sponsors.

Volunteers in the accreditation centres are the first point of contact. They will welcome them and provide them with personalised access cards, which they will have produced.


The ceremonies project creates and implements ceremonies and entertainment programs at the stadium. The objective is to create a safe and joyful atmosphere in the stadium and provide a memorable experience to the fans.

Volunteers assist with the pre-match ceremonies (entertainment of fans inside the stadium) and post-match ceremony (Trophy ceremony).

Commercial Operations

The Commercial Operations team's mission is to deliver and protect these rights at the stadium. The objective is to successfully deliver all on-site sponsor rights to the highest standard. Volunteers will support the Marketing Operations team by fulfilling office duties, monitoring the advertising-free zones and assisting sponsors with on-site activation programmes, including the Youth Programme (Player Escorts, Flag bearers and match ball carriers) as well as other on-site promotional activities around the stadium.

Volunteers in this area assist the Venue Marketing Manager and/or Coordinator.

Event Transport

Event transport is responsible for the planning and delivery of transport services. Work in the transportation office/fleet compound or as coordinators/welcome personnel at airports, hotels and stadiums.

The aim is to help and support the customers and deliver a high-level transport service.


Hospitality Management with the support of various suppliers appointed for the event, coordinates and manages the development, implementation and delivery of all on-site hospitality programmes (e.g. VIP, Finalists, Sponsors and Corporates).

Volunteers will help with the organisational preparations and support the overall operation to ensure the best possible guest experience to the above defined populations.

Match Operations

A successful Match Operations project will contribute largely to the overall image of the competition and reflect positively on the quality of the football match. The project’s main task is to organise the match and all services related to the sporting aspects to the highest international level and according to UEFA regulations.

Volunteers assist the Match Director with the preparation and running of the match, including the official training sessions the day before the match.

Media Operations

The Media Services and Operations (MOPS) project provides facilities, information and accreditation and booking services to the international media expected to cover 2018 UEFA Super Cup. MOPS also manages media access to the teams.

Volunteers will assist UEFA MOPS team onsite at media centre, media tribune, press conference room, mixed zone and pitch side positions, providing journalists, photographers and broadcasters with the best possible working conditions.


Ticketing volunteers will assist the ticketing team at the stadium and at the Ticket Collection Point. They are an essential part of the delivery of the ticketing project and will often be the first points of contact for ticket holders.

Ticketing volunteers will deal with any customer queries and provide customer services in accordance with the ticketing policy and help to enhance the customer experience for the event.

TV Production

The TV Operation team, provides and organise the best possible working conditions for the Broadcasters and Host Broadcaster.

Volunteers in this area will assist the Production Manager for all logistic matters.

Venue Management

Volunteers will support the organisation of the 2018 UEFA Super Cup and the Venue Management team by executing a wide array of services at venue offices and compounds, including various organisational and administrative tasks.

VIP Services

VIP services are responsible for guest management, welcome services and protocol matters for the VIP guests attending the match. Guest management operations are carried out at airports, hotels and stadiums, where national and international guests from the world of sports and politics will be welcomed.

Selection stages

  • Application period

    23 March – 30 April 2018

  • Interviews

    May 2018

  • Roles assignment

    June 2018

  • Trainings

    July 2018

  • Operational phase

    August 2018


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